Monday, September 3, 2012

Sticky Fabri-Solvy update #2

Well, this go 'round had much better results. I used four strands of floss and pulled the threads quite firmly. Everything was split stitch except the veins in the leaf. It just didn't do too well with a single strand of floss and regular pulling. Next try: pearl cotton.

Finished pumpkin with solvy still there


Still wet from soaking and swishing the solvy off

Now, I have a fall kitchen towel...use it or not???? And by use I mean get it allllll dirty. lol

All in all, for complicated designs, the solvy ain't too bad and there will be no lines showing if you go a little wild. :-)


  1. Very nice! I say use it.....just don't get it dirty :)

  2. Very nice. Use it. You can always make more. And while you're at it, burn the pretty candles and use the good dishes.....just like Erma Bombeck used to say