Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FriXion Test....Complete

Well, the results are in and they aren't too bad. Perfection? Nope, but pretty close.

I drew some lines in all three colors 

Just did a simple running stitch so you could see where the line was

Iron on low

Dang! Not a trace!!! Nothing...nada....nyet!!!

into the freezer 

for ten minutes

The lines came back

See...all the way back

Hot water rinse

A little bit of the line is still showing on the black

Just barely on the red (yes, you can see the stitching line in the back)

Back to the freezer for another 10, only wet this time
A little bit of the line came back, especially the black  but not to bad, really.

Another quick press......lines alll gone

I've labeled my fabric for  30-60-90-120 test dates to see how the ink holds up over time.  I am betting a warm press and a warm wash will keep the ink away permanently. I think I will use this on areas where I know the line will be covered, but it ain't a bad little pen. 

Maybe the super fine ball point, if I can find it, will be my next test? 
I will keep you updated on the longer tests.
I will try it on a dish towel that will get a proper washing machine type wash and then freeze it. 

Will I use it?  Yep.
Will I use it on art of a lifetime? Probably. lol But not in areas that will show.

I say give it a go!! 


forgot about it for several months in the freezer. Lines did not come back


  1. Thanks for the info. I may give them a try too.

  2. These haven't been a problem for me because my embroidery stitches have covered the vast majority of the lines drawn. I like how easily the Frixion pens flow over the fabric.

  3. so glad you enjoyed using the pens -- I know that with quilts once you wash them the ink does not come back. I did have ink come back (prewash) on one quilt when it was very cold outside and I had forgotten a project in the car but most of us are not sticking our work in the freezer.

    1. good to know it washes completely out. is that before you iron it or after?

  4. I love these pens, however I do not use them for embroidery, I use them for my quilt patterns and no one I know puts their quilts in the freezer! I also use my iron on a med-high setting when I erase them!