Sunday, May 15, 2011


The spring apron swap is over, but there always seems to be one little birdie that doesn't leave the nest.
That's when the angels step in.
Another swapper and I are apron angels...she did the tuckins and I did the apron. She made the cutest bug pincushion for her swap partner, I can hardly wait to see what she sent!!

My little requested....a pink gardening apron. Hope she likes it!



  1. Seriously awesome! I think you wings are showing :}

  2. showing? her wings are right on out there! a hug and an apron in one weekend? The apron is adorable!

  3. they are retractable....just sayin...

  4. Awh...that turned out so cute Regena! I didn't make a thing for her...just sent lots of do-dads that I had in my "gifties" pile! I wanted to get it out I'm feeling like I cheated her out of some crafty surprises!...Oh time!!

  5. I just hope she likes it and getting stuff is fun, made or not!! She should have all our stuff by now...oh wait, is she in the flood zone??

  6. Oh...I haven't thought of that! Hope it doesn't get washed away with the tide! Naw...should be ok. I should have made the "K" knee-waders and the "M" macintosh!