Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trash to Treasure Hunt

Or...what's in your purse? I haven't cleaned out my purse in awhile. Oh sure, I've taken out the receipts and the Joann's flyers, even dug the change out from the bottom, but a good's been a long time coming.
I am woolite-ing the cloth liners, wiping down the plastic protectors and the basket weave.

That's right, I carry a basket as a purse. A Longaberger Boardwalk basket. Most of the time it's the medium boardwalk with the small protector and the medium protector, but sometimes it's the small one. I haven't changed my purse since since *gasp* 2001.

What it looked like when I bought it. I have since totally used up the cloth liner to the point of no repair. LOL
The ones I have now are looking pretty shaggy and I need to make or buy new liners.(ebay here I come)


This is what it looks like today.

 This is the inside....filled to the brim

 I dumped it out. How did all this fit in there? Really?

After I got rid of the totally unnecessary items like:
gum wrappers, receipts, more receipts and other ephemera.

 After I put it all back together...cleaned liners and all!

It must weigh 3 pounds less too! LOL

Did I find anything weird this time? 
Not really. 
An empty featherweight bobbin was the only oddish thing.
You may see things that you think are odd in my ''dumped out" shot, but they aren't odd to me!
There is a cpr mouth mask, musician's ear plugs, winterguard patch from 2007,  jump drive, 
tweezers, swiss army knife and a flashlight. 
There is also a key that I am clueless about, a little LED light from a wedding and I didn't see the little plastic machine gun that is usually in the bottom.

What treasures are in your purse??



  1. oh purse weighs a ton right now. it's in a sore need of a clean out. I have one of those drop in organizers that I have no idea what's in there. So I took a look and I have the following that I found to be odd without being odd to me: my immunization records, a laser pointer, and a zip lock baggie full of floss and piece of aida, and extra Iphone bumper

  2. Little plastic machine gun? Nice :) My purse is pretty boring I guess. Just the usual stuff. Always have to have gum for my boys and my retractable tape measure....just in case :)

  3. You forget, I still have kids at home and some of the things I find in there are amazing. And when we go out, the hubs thinks it's his storage area. LOL
    I keep trying to go smaller but it hasn't worked out yet.