Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tutorial.....but what kind?

I'm in the mood to make a tutorial. I am just not sure what item to feature.
What would y'all like to see?
Having trouble with something?
Maybe we can all learn something new together?
My camera and I await your feedback......................

Do not limit yourself to sewing. I can cook, I'm a tad crafty, and I am pretty dang handy too. Just sayin...
Although, I must admit I am leaning toward an apron tute.
Oh wait, I have one!!!!!!!

Let me see what you come up with and see if it's the same!!!


  1. Let's see a sock monkey....:)

  2. I'm voting for the sock monkey. Or maybe the Cow-sock-monkey-thingie :)

  3. yes definitely in the lines of the monkeys!