Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sew much more to come.....

First, I am:

I know, right! Ssshhhhh, don't tell my swap sister it's for her. :-)

Christmas Day is fast approaching....too fast, so what do I decide to do?  
That's right....add more sewing! LOL
I am making stockings or pillowcases for my niece and nephews to hold their holiday giftee. I hope I make up my mind already. lol 

I picked these fabrics.....they look great together or as pillow trim.

And, another one for the finished files.

Look out katiebug......he'll be beaming his way to your coordinates soon. 

What have you piled on to your already busy schedule??


  1. Oh gosh...where do I begin? I have 4 super hero octopuses to design and sew, 2 baby girl hats, a Minnie Mouse apron, 2 tea monsters, 6 cross stitch ornaments to back and stuff, and another apron to match a set of potholders I already made......I think that's it...but who knows. I have plenty of time..right?

  2. 13 whole days......if you don't sleep, it'll be a piece of cake. lol