Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday fun!!

It was loud and crowded and filled with laughter and food and friends and family. Just like a celebration ought to be! My brother was the camera man and he took many many unflattering pictures.
Turning 50 wasn't bad at all!!
Some highlights: ipad, marshmallow gun, Star Trek Scrabble, Star Trek Cake and everyone's personal favorite....the butter incident. 
Ya see, my little starship wasn't staying perched so the hubs put butter on it to help it glue itself to the decor. WWeeeellllllllll, when I noticed my little ship listing after blowing out my candles, I picked it up to lick off what I assumed was frosting. O -M -G!! Grody to the max! MAX!
Enjoy the slideshow!!

Thank for all the birthday wishes!!!!
Awe some sauce...just sayin.... 


  1. It was great fun! Thanks for including us. I hope you get a lot of use from your present - if you ever get to sew again! haha!

  2. What a great party! I love your cake! So glad you enjoyed your day :)

  3. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing the pictures :0)