Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finished files...finally!

I've been quite busy at home and add a part time job on top of that and my sewing time has been cut....a lot. LOL Some of it me, some of it life.....I admit it, I can be a lazy daisy sometimes.
Today I finally managed my time well and finished up some things I started this past weekend.
A (now late) birthday gift for my friend Karen and a little bag for me.

My little flag bag. This will go in my purse to keep things tidy and to hold stuff you just don't want people to see when you open your purse. Just sayin...

It also uses apple green, which was a craft challenge last week. Gotta love a two-fer!

 Karen's table runner. 90" of ticking heaven. Okay, I think it's heaven, I hope she does too!
I made a very special effort to keep the stripes from going all wonky. 
Yes, it made me cross-eyed to look at it for too long. lol

Since this fabric is a woven stripe and not printed, 
I used the selvedge edge to, well, edge it.
I am soooooo doing this treatment again!!
It's shabby, it's chic and I am predicting it's the next big thing in sewing. 
(insert me with cheesy grin here)

Now, two baby quilts and some baby shower favors are next on my list!!

Time for work.....later gators!


  1. Love both of your projects! Great job! and now you're like the rest of us worker bees that don't get to sleep in and can't sew, blog and watch TV all day (cuz I know that's what you used to do) hahahahaha! (insert inside joke here)

  2. What's the part-time job? When did that start?

  3. LOVE my table runner! When can I have it?????? Love your little bag too :)

  4. I love Karen's table runner; it is totally her :-)! The bag you made is really cute too :-)!

  5. You've been a busy girl! The bag is fabulous and Karen will love the runner! By the way work really does cut into crafting time, it can be a real bummer!