Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A whole chicken + flavorings + crockpot = yummmmmmmm

Since I am now a work out of the house mom (at least through tax season), I am gone during the dinner mayhem. I still have to get dinner on the table and only one of my kidlettes is helping. The other seems to be gone all. thee. time. So, the crock-pot is becoming my bestest kitchen buddy ever. Last night it was spaghetti sauce, tonight: lemon garlic chicken

There are lots of recipes out there, but this is how I do it....and I've got pictures!! Woo and hoo

Get yourself a whole chicken and make it all clean and pretty. When I was a kid, Grandma Stidham would just say, "Go get me one out back." I find the market so much easier, just sayin...

 Gather your ingredients.
In the case of lemon garlic chicken you need, well, lots of lemon and garlic. 
I also add onions, carrots, salt, pepper and dried and fresh herbs. Herbs de province this go 'round.

Fill the insides with a little bit of all your seasonings

Go ahead, fill 'er up, just not packed real tight.

Now it's time to get all up in your chicken's ''bidness''. Upside and downside.
Salt, pepper, herbs, lemons and butter

To keep this from being a stew, elevate your bird with a few yummy veggies or a rack
No water necessary.

Cover the top with the rest of your fixins 
Oh, I did put the bird in breast side down. Personal preference, don't think it really matters.

Put a lid on it and forget it.
 I put this on about 11am, so I am cooking it on high.
If you put it on ealier, use low.
The best kind of crock-pot is one where you can have it start out on high, and then it goes to low. That way you food comes up to temp quickly, and then simmers ever so slowly. 
If I were home, I would turn the drippings into a nice sauce with a little wondra flour or a roux.

It won't look like a rotisserie chicken, all crispy and such, but it will taste scrumdilly-icious. 

Tonight, it will be served with some forbidden black rice and a salad. Use some of the juice to cook your rice.....el yummo!! 
 If I was home, gravy and mashed potatoes. Or steamed red potatoes with butter and herbs. 

Now that you have the basics, make it your own. 
To have it taste all tiki masala-y use ginger, garam masala spice, cilantro and diced tomatoes
A little tex mex, add a jar of your favorite salsa
Italian, diced tomatoes, italian spices, garlic, mushrooms

You get the idea, use what you have in your cupboards. Flavors you already know you and your family like. And yes, you can use a cut up chicken, but it's a little more braised....chicken thighs hold up the best for long cooking times. Try it, you'll like it...honest.



  1. Sounds yummo and yes I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing the recipe

  2. Mmm ,delicioous.I like and enjoy cooking.I also add apple and prune when I fill it.