Monday, September 12, 2011

8 Aprons......oh my!

I almost hate to sew when it's work.......almost. LOL
There is a big bbq coming up and I get to make the aprons for the event AND make a little bit of fabric money in the process. How fun is that?? 

These are the apron fabrics.
The ladies will have the tropical colors while the men will have the black and white combo.
I know they are going to be c-u-t-e!! I'm not bragging, I just love the fabric and the color combos and the patterns so they have to be cute.....even if I wasn't the one sewing them!
 There will be 5 men's aprons.....chef style. A chest pocket and the large pocket trim will be the b/w glasses. 
The 3 ladies' will have the glasses as the body and the dots as the yoke and pockets and possibly a ruffle...I still can decide which "sweet" pattern to use. But since I am cutting this stuff up in about 5 minutes......I better get to gettin'. LOL

Ahhhhhhhhh, this fabric. There was only one measly yard I bought it. I will have to make myself an apron out of it...or something. It's so yummy to look at!! I love novelty prints far too much for my own good.

Sooooooooooo, for the next two days, I will be in apron making heaven! Well, unless there is a problem, then I will be in apron making h-e double hockey sticks. I hope to only spend about 8 hours to make the lot....pray for me!!
Also, pray I make good fabric choices when I spend the profit!! hahahahahaha

Happy Monday and Happy Creating!!


  1. Great fabric choices and your aprons will be the bomb! And I love the apron motif fabric! Too cute!

  2. Great fabrics and a day of sewing sounds wonderful! Have fun!

  3. Great choices for the money aprons! :)
    Love, love, love the aprons fabric! Wish you the best of luck with all the aprons. I know they will be fantastic! Happy Sewing! :)

  4. Nice apron fabrics! I especially like that last fabric. I certainly would keep it for me!

  5. Hey...where did my earlier comment go???? Anywaysers....I said that I can't wait to see them and I have apron fabric envy :)