Monday, September 5, 2011

Watch out world...the Dot has a new skill.....


That's right, the girl child got to drive for about an hour today all over the Yolo County nature area. miles of gravel road with nary a car insight. She didn't go into a ditch or wetland or anything.
the hubs was hunting for crawdads, but we could only find some claws. I even picked a piece of rice!
Enjoy the short video and pictorial of our outing:


Hot Hubs!! Lucky me!!

Crawdad part

Rice fields.....forever

 That is Sacramento in the distance

Dragonflies......little blue ones....everywhere!!

 Dot: The Video


  1. Wow! And she got to drive Dad's big truck! You go girl!

  2. She needs to slow down for heavens sakes!!!!

  3. yeah, 12 mph was killer fast!!!

  4. Driving on gravel roads? I'm impressed! I'm always freaked out by the sound of the gravel hitting the wheel hub (is that what it's called?).

    Beautiful photos!

  5. naw, we have country property so gravel is the sound of heaven to the means we won't get stuck in the mud. LOL