Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's in your backyard?

Ahhhh, another visiting family member has ''left the building" (2 down, 1 to go) and I can get back to something a little closer to a routine. But only for short time, another family member will be arriving for an 8 day stay at our humble, little casa. Oy on all the cleaning a rearranging of my art (okay, sewing stuff). Seems the hubs would like it if we dined in the dining room...who knew? 

On to the back yard. Some big changes came to and are coming to my giant hill of a yard.

Change 1)  tThe hubs built a new picnic table. It looks just like the old picnic table but with separate benches. He built it so dang fast I didn't get a chance to tell him I wanted something completely different. LOL  It's lovely, just the same.

My man at work and the finished product.

 He even measured the benches so that the table is the right height and everything. No more trying to eat with the table poking people in the collar bone! woo and hooo! AANNDDD I can pick up the benches and sweep and the table doesn't weigh 8 million pounds like the last one!!!

More changes on the way. It seems P, G and E has once again decided they don't like ginormous pine trees. We lost one to the chain saw two years ago and now they want the other two.

This is a stone pine and it's soooooo tall I can't even get it all in the shot. 
I hate to say it, but I will not miss the trees. 
This one needs a severe pruning that is very pricey and the pine needles.......oh hon-ny...
every freakin' where!

This one, got a great pruning two years ago and we cleared up some beetle thing and now that it is starting to look all healthy and pretty, it's going bye-bye too. Dang wires!!

At least some things will remain....

The kids' play house the hubs built almost 14 years ago. It has shake roof and a copper ridge cap. 
It had a better roof than the house for years. LOL

My ferns. Although, they need to be repotted pretty soon. The wood is starting to rot after all these years.
We have two of them.

What kind of changes is fall (or the power company) bringing to your back yard?


  1. The tree house looks very "Robinson Cruso-ish" love it. Time to trim up the perennials, plant some bulbs and the falling leaves are creating havoc for Chris. Nice table and benches and the carpenter is pretty cute too! :o)

  2. Be thankful you have 'Mr. Handy' to make you new things. The table looks great, and with the detached benches, it makes for great entertaining.

  3. That playhouse is awesome....and you should definately keep that man.....just sayin :)

  4. After he built it, all the fencing and retaining walls didn't match, so he pulled it all down and made it match the playhouse. As you can tell, no one here goes overboard with any projects whatsoever. Never. Seriously. (smirk)

  5. and yes, I think I'll keep him. :-)