Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Mighty Morphin Room Cleaning

As you know, I've been cleaning out the sewing closet and getting the spare room ready for the mil visit.   OH, the things you come across!!

That's right!! Thee original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!
Can you name all of them? I can....and that scares me juuuuuusssttttt a little bit! LOL
From Yellow to black:

Trini, Billy, Jason, Tommy, Kimberly and Zack

 Look at my little man being all mighty and such.
 He was 3 1/2.

Good Lord, who dressed me that day? Can my waist possibly get any higher? 
Thanks genetics...a whole bunch....not!!

I wonder what else I'll find as I sort through little boxes and baskets of stuff. 
Stay tuned.........


  1. great picture! I think it needs to be at the dojo on the night of his brown belt test!

  2. You're outfit is not that bad.....It could have been worse. You could have been wearing one of the power rangers suits.....just sayin :)

    You know I think I had that same outfit and haircut.....I know I can find a photo......

  3. 1995 was a great year for that look. lol
    and I would love to see you with that haircut.

  4. Thanks for the blast from the past! :)

  5. This post just cracked me up! Too funny! old memories are the best.