Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's finally happened; the weather has turned cold enough to pack away the summer clothes and unpack and wash the winter clothes.  sniff, sniff

Good bye pink plaid shorts that I look like a total goober in, but love anyway.
 Goodbye orange, linen blouse that only has one, maybe two, more seasons left before it totally disintegrates.
Now it's time to say hello to polar fleece, long sleeves, brooding colors, hoodies, sweats, the electric blanket, the holidays, shoes (choke, sob) that aren't stylish flip-flops. Melodramatic....possibly. Heartfelt, yeppers.
Can't wait to change again!!!!


  1. I turned the heater on this morning... I did it for the dogs really - they were cold....i love me some good polar fleece though.

  2. I told Jose that I want the leopard print snuggie for Christmas....does that make me a dork? probably right?

  3. I actually own polar fleece jamjams that are leopard print.....ahhhhhhhhh

  4. I may have to go home and cuddle up in my polar fleece to celebrate the season change...