Friday, November 12, 2010

OCD, anal or just plain practical?

Hi, my name is Regena and I have an underwear closet. I know, I know............It seems a little excessive, but, to me, it is a necessity.
Today was bra day. You might be shaking your head and saying: what the french toast?
I have a system. I wear one twice....but never in a row, and then it gets washed.
It hangs on a hanger with it's matching undie and when I wear it once, it hangs on the hanger differently so I know that I've worn it. After the second wearing, it goes on another hanger so I know it needs to be washed. I can go a really long time without repeats and that's why I have a special bra wash day!

The pile of the dailies getting ready for their wash day adventure.

They get hand washed and then hung up to dry.

Then back into the closet where the process starts all over again.

Well, OCD, anal or practical? As for my decision.....practical all the way!!!! 

Don't even get me started on the proper way to fold towels so they fit in my microscopic linen closet or mix my big forks with my little forks..........just gives me the willies thinkin' about it!!!

What little habit do you have that some may consider extravagant or down right odd but you just have to have in your life?? 


  1. Boy...some people will do anything to show off their panties....

  2. not anything. You won't be seeing me model them anytime soon in the blogosphere!! My corset, still debating, but I am WAY covered up in that!

  3. I've said it before....but I'll say it are a naughty kitten!

  4. tmi is my middle name!!
    If it wasn't, why blog???