Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hiiiiiiii ya!!!

Spent a few hours watching 6 people add another notch to their black belt. They started with a the good ol' sanchin kata (that's my boy getting beat) and the whole thing ended with some series board breaking. Two people had boards broke across their arms, one shin (ouch and a half), one stomach and two thigh. My son says he is sooooooo ready!
Oh yes, we had blood! One person had a board fly into him just above the ankle. Bled like a momma-honka (pardon my french) THEN he got up and did his board breaking. There is no whining in Uechi!!
After the awards and pictures, potluck city and visiting.
I met someone new too! She saw my purse with the Joann's flyer sticking out and automatically knew I was one of her peeps! Is that cool or what?? Her email even starts with three r's, just like me!!
Big congrats to all the test candidates!

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