Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock the Vote!

Did you rock the vote today? I did! What an awesome responsibility we have; electing (or trying to dethrone unelect) people to help keep our laws.
I admit, there are some years when it feels like I don't make a difference; when propositions get a yea vote only to end up in court because some special interest group can't handle the outcome (losing) of our election process. Trust me, I do NOT always like the outcome. Sometimes the things/people I vote for turnout to be a complete and utter disappointment. Things pass and people get voted in that I would soooooo rather not, but............where would America be without this process? For all its flaws, our way works. It used to work better. Maybe better times are ahead because we the people are taking notice and exercising our right and our voices. Too bad we are in times where the 60's potheads are the ruling class and the next group wears their pants around their knees. Hmmmmmmm tea parties are starting to sound better and better. No matter what side of the left/right axis you are on----exercise your right----rock the vote!!


  1. I did vote...also in my state my vote doesn't count!

  2. been there...done that....got the sticker :)

  3. MM, why does your vote not count???