Friday, November 5, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

Not in my neck of the woods it isn't! 
I wish I could blame it on ''global warming" and shout to the world how I hate being cold and GW rocks it. But I can't. GW is a fallacy, a lie, a misrepresentation of facts, a blip on this planet's long history of weather.
Fact: the earth is actually .5º cooler
Fact: Al Gore's place uses enough energy to power a small neighborhood.Fact: Bush's Texas ranch is pretty darn global friendly. Green power and an underground cistern to reuse rainfall.(sorry bush haters, he's greener than your gw god, with a little g, gore)
Fact: There are more trees in the US than before colonization. Granted, they aren't in their original ecosystems, but there are more of them.
Fact: Many a gw spokesman is getting rich from the gw scare. I wish I could sell some carbon footprint credits.....seriously, that is some racket!
Fact: this, too, shall pass.
Does this mean I love Bush? Nope. He wasn't as horrible a president as people think, but he's no Reagan. Does this mean I hate Gore? Nope. He's a richie getting richer off of a lie and I have no respect for the man.
Does this mean a large portion of American society are sheeples being lead down a path that will destroy our democracy and end up hurting the liberal ideals many groups are promoting? Yep.
Libs rely on emotions to promote their agenda, conservatives, the facts. Too many politicians think they know what's best and want the goverment to run every single aspect of out lives. Can you say: socialism? Sure, I knew you could.
Where did this all come from considering my title is about the lack of fall?  Indian summer is lasting a bit longer than normal and we just had an election with so much crap on the ballot I wanted to crumple it up. AND another little right was taken away from us, we the people, the people who supposedly ''own'' the government. 
San Francisco has seen fit to take away toys from kids' meals. Really??? Now, you can't go to Burger King or McDonald's, get a little burger and fries and a toy because it isn't under 600 calories AND THERE ISN'T ANY FRUIT OR VEGGIES WITH IT.. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!???? 
What's next, no more frosties or milkshakes? All in the name of childhood obesity. Kids aren't obese because of Mac's lounge, they are fat because they don't get enough pe in schools but mostly because of poor parenting; let's just put little John-John in front of the tv so I can have adult time.
They're fat because people claim to be too busy to cook healthy meals. They aren't fat because fast food's been around a long, long time.  Can you say l-a-z-y?
Here's a gift we can all give ourselves: personal responsibility. It's free. It ain't easy and we have to take it back from the powers that be before it's too late!
To quote the late Bob Marley,
"Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don't give up the fight"

Game on!!!!! 


  1. Gosh....the more I get to know you, the more I realize that my husband will love you! He's been saying all the same things any time anyone brings up global warming.....maybe it a ST thing :)

  2. Must be...we are an enlightened group! ;-)
    Jeepers, was that a diatribe from h-e double hockey sticks or what?

  3. ummmm..., YES. it WERE.


    i wish it was dreary-rainy-fall, too . . . . ahem.