Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You know winter is finally here when..........

Your candy dish changes from fun candy to this:

When you find these weird little ''crystalline entities" all over the place and you can't figure out how they got in the garage and why your cat keeps eating them.

When you have Christmas ornaments hanging in all kinds of places just waiting for the tree to be put up.

When you look out your car's front windshield and you are pretty sure you know what it's like to be trapped in an ice cube looking out into the world.

What little signs do you see that tell you it's really, truly and finally winter?


  1. winter burrr (testing posting ability)

  2. SPoke is adorable btw and i love the quilt you are working on - you can so do embroidery!

  3. looks like you can post.......today! mwah ha ha

  4. First...I want to know where the fun candy went?
    Second...What the heck are those things?
    Third....I love that Spock has his emblem on right side up and that you saved my little note :)
    Fourth...*dang gurl* that looks cold! I envy you. I want a cold Christmas season. Send me some!

  5. first...the fun candy just got put in a different location
    second...vitamin c candies and Reeeecccoooolllllaaaaaaaaaa with echinacea
    third....I miss his emblem the other way and he needs his note
    fourth...you can have the dang cold!!!!

  6. I know what Ricola is...silly woman. I was asking about the crystaline entities :)

  7. the crystalline entity is the creature that destroyed Data's planet and almost the Enterprise D
    ST reference LOL

  8. when i went hiking in Switzerland I stood at the edge of the mountain and went "RICOOOLLLAAA"