Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinner and Cocktails

I made some place-mats to go with my Hot Mama Apron. I sooooooooo don't want to give them up. I am now on the hunt for another panel so I can have a set all my own!! I think they turned out fab!!

Here they are, in all their almost finished glory.
The Lady with the Red and Black polka dot hat is my favorite. 
Welllllll, maybe the zebra print...I love them all!

The backs...two red and two stripe.
The border is actually a black and white print of different types of glasses. 
It really makes the place-mats pop!

bubbly quilting

Contour quilting

I took the opportunity to practice my free motion skills. They are far from award winning, but getting better all the time.

I really needed to make the binding 2" instead of 3" so I could've machine sewn it. Alas, I had to hand sew  it all down.  My needle pushing finger is s-o-r-e.
I hope my swapee likes them as much as I do!!

Bloggers' Dinner Party


  1. Oh wow! These are gorgeous! I love the way you quilted along the design, too. Thanks for sharing at the dinner party :)

  2. Those are the perfect match to the apron
    Congrats!!! Just love them

  3. I'm pretty sure "your secret partner" is going to LOVE them! Really perfect for her! Nicely always :)

  4. Your partner is sooo lucky to be getting those fun placemats. Great job!

  5. maybe she is, maybe she isn't....I love them....a lot! LOL

  6. These are great! Of course your partner is lucky to get these and she will be happy!

  7. How cute! I really like the contour quilting. Is it time to hint at someone for a thimble...? ;D

  8. What fun placemats (and the matching apron is cute, too!)! I'm so glad I stopped by from the Bloggers' Dinner Party :)