Monday, August 29, 2011

Jump Drive Madness

Well, my addiction to memory used to be bad. I've lost more than I have. I should say that my daughter has lost plenty and I have given away some of the smaller capacity drives. My son washed and dried two of them. One still worked until he washed and dried it again!!
I remember when memory was very my very first one:

 This one was like $59.95 on sale a million years ago......256

This one is a 128 and came with 3 different color covers...128!!!
I am surprised at how much I still use the 128 for just paperwork and stuff. I gave away 3 this size and they are still being used. They are plenty big for smaller photos and regular old data

I had 6 of these. This is my last one......I paid a whopping 2 bucks for it. 
I know, right?  $60.00 for the 256mb and $2.00 for 2.0 GB 
My how times changed, plus, these were on clearance because 
the high speed usb 2.0's came out and this is a lowly usb 1.0
This is my last one.......I've given a couple away and the Dot has lost a couple.

 Then I kept wanting pretty colors and more capacity. 4 whole gigs!!
This 3 pack came with an orange too, but I can't find it. :-( 
It was my fave.....the lime is my second fave. The boy loves the red one.

Still more capacity and pretty 8 gigs.  
I had to get a second one because the boy kept making off with it instead of the ones he had. That's right, he got a 1 gig for christmas several years ago when a 1 gig was awesome, then he upgraded to MY 2 gig, both were  Geek Squard (I wonder where they are???)
If I ever get a memory card for my camera that is larger than 8 gigs, I will have to upgrade to a new jump drive again!!

I found one!!!!

It still amazes me that I paid more for my very first jump drive than I did for almost all the rest of them.....added all together!!
What do you have far too many of but feel like you can't live without?? 
I know I have too many pincushion! 
Star Trek is not included in this list because that is necessary for life...just sayin... LOL
(three more ornaments added this year..............booo and yah!)


  1. I have my flash drive attached to my keychain so I have it where ever I go. It's plain silver and tiny but I think it's 2 gig. I use it a lot for school files. Have you tried dropbox for saving your files? It's awesome! It allows me to sync my files between my two computers.

  2. I have 3 or 4 of those little guys but have never had any use for them. They just hang out in a drawer next to my computer :) I'm very low tech.....