Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Tools!

I should've have done it....nope, nope, nope!  I already treated myself to two layer cakes of fabric, but I had zero, nada, nothing, for a few little baby items.

Sooooooooooooo, I stopped by the dojo while I was dropping of the kids and asked Denise if she wanted to go fabric looking  buying with me. That was dangerous for the both of us!!

As you can see, I did get the baby friendly fabric.
On to the tools.........gadgets......paraphernalia ...... L-O-V-E!!

1) A new rotary cutter. the big heifer one!! I've been cutting a lot of fleece lately and my 45mm just  isn't deep enough...this puppy is!! boo and yah!!

2) Easy Dresden tool.  I just don't know...I had a coupon and Amy is making a killer Christmas Dresden quiltee.  Apparently, I have a gadget addiction.  Could be worse, right? 

3) And my new  8.5" by 24" ruler! I heart it already!! My 6 x 24 ruler is old and some of the lines are, well, missing; it's looking pretty sad. It has served me well for, let's see........16 years (wowzers) I'll keep it, but the newbie will be my go-to ruler now.

I had coupons and sale it didn't hurt too awfully bad. Now I need use what I have before I go out and about.....again......sooner than I should....Bad Gena in da house!!

What are your go-to-tools???

* * * update * * *

Just used the new cutter......O-M-G!!! 
Loving it times ten!!


  1. had a great day! thanks for the invite my friend!

  2. next time, food will be involved!!

  3. food should always be involved!!! :) Love the additions to you tool box! :)

  4. Dresden's are so fun, you will love them.

  5. welcome to the dresden fun! love that fabric!. Yes, nothing like a new rotary cutter! I am loving the one I got when we all went to the Int'l Quilt Show.

  6. Is this like your dresden tool, Amy? the fold over and you've got a point tool?