Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two More Embroidery Projects Under My Belt!

 I am really getting in to much so that my sewing machine is gonna get pretty upset with me; probably mess up its tension settings on me or something! LOL

I call this one Mikey.
 He's the companion towel to the girl one I already made. I am getting pretty good with the outline stitch. French knots, however, need some serious work.

This one I did today; took about an hour. It is for the lady who was painting a cherry tree in my daughter's room..... it will be in a later tonight or tomorrow! LOL
My back stitch needs work too. Although, it is the best stitch for sharp corners and zig zaggy lines. 
By the end, it was starting to look okay.
I am not yet ready for finesse work, but I can keep right on practicing a little every night with the redwork sampler and the sublime stitching sampler. :-)  And tracing coloring book pages that I find fun is that!!  I have a friend (Denise) who is about to start giving me the booboo face for a lab tea towel. 
Yes, I have found a coloring page for that already....but I am out of tea towels. Joann's and a I come!!

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  1. I think they came out amazing! I love the look of red embroidery on kitchen towels!
    I always end up with a pile of towels nobody is allowed to use though!! They're usually too pretty! :)

  2. Those embroidered designs look great! I especially like the cute puppy. :) Thanks for linking up to the Blogger's Dinner Party!

  3. Very cute! Thanks for joining in the dinner party :)

  4. and of course then I'll need one for Roxy when you finished the one of Calli (the lab)! haha! Just want to help a sista out with her embroidery practice!

  5. How thoughtful you are, Denise.....

  6. you know with all that sweetness you just scream out how much you want a hug. You are really getting super good! mad sKilLz!

  7. I am only sweet from FAR away!!

  8. That daschund is A! Do! Ra! Ble! :D

  9. These are adorable! Well done!