Friday, August 5, 2011

Longaberger Redeaux

If you have read my last several posts, you'll know that I went to the LB and the OC this past weekend. SERIOUSLY? IT'S ALREADY BEEN A WEEK?  When did that happen?

While two of the ladies made these large and wonderful bags with some serious killer fabric (see Karen's blog for thee bag), I wanted one too. But I kept hemming and hawing over the fact that I really use my large boardwalk basket for my sewing. 

After several minutes of vacillating (re: whining and h & h), Karen said, "Just make a new liner for the basket and be done with it." 
Could I really do that? Take out the original liner and change the whole look of the basket? 
Why yes, yes I could!
A mini tutorial of the journey!

My basket. Isn't she pretty?

My liner allllllll seam rippered up. I was fussin' about cutting it, but I can sew it back together if I want. And some of you out there can make a pattern without cutting....good for you!!! 
When I grow up, I will be able to do that too, maybe, probably...okay...not-so-much. 

I used the pieces as a pattern. Add 1/4" seam allowances. 
I forgot to do this in the little scoopy areas. 
It still worked, but a bit smaller cut-out would've been nice.

All my pieces. Now sew them together like you undid them,
but really low on one side, leave an opening for turning.
In this case, I made two becasue I didn't want to fuss with binding.
Put them right-sides together, add the little tabby things or ties or however the liner ties (or doesn't depending on your basket) and sew all across the top.

Taaaa daaaaaaaa, the inside

Taaa daaaaaa, the outside!

I am loving the remake!!!  What item do you have and love that needs a little facelift so it can be like a new, fresh, first blush kinda love all over again?
Mmmmmmmmmm, the smaller version of this basket, that I use as a purse, sooooooooo needs a freshening............what fabric do I have in my stash............ see ya!


  1. I saw this in person and it's so beautiful! You rock with the sewing Regena! and yes - it's time for the little purse too. I think you should make one to coordinate with each holiday!

  2. it is just to stinkin' adorable! love it. You do such amazing work.

  3. Gena you rocked it! It's so awesome! LOVE IT!!! Love your little measuring tape tabs too :)

  4. Fabulous! I just love that fabric! I keep seeing it on all of your blogs.

  5. Oh my gosh you did an amazing job! It actually looks better than the first in my opinion!

  6. I also wanted to let you know I featured you today :) over at SewHappyGeek

  7. yep, it's the fabric that makes it work! LOVE it!
    thanks for all the niceties!

  8. I love that fabric too and I've spent all week making baskets and curtains for my craft room too.

  9. Great Job! I just made my first couple attempts at make it look so easy!

  10. Carrie, this was easy.....I can give you not-so-easy if you want. ;-)

  11. I have this basket! I got the patriotic liner because ten years or so ago I was into the Americana look and I was actually using the Boardwalk basket to go to the beach (it's been to Naples, FL once, and the Outerbanks of North Carolina & Virginia Beach a couple times each). I was thinking about trying to find one of the solid liners, but maybe now I'll try making my own. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and I also have the smaller Boardwalk, not a first but a second but it is so darn cute.

    PS - I'm from Basket Town, USA! My aunt & uncle were the first two Longaberger weavers.