Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So long favorite jeans *sniff*

Hello bermudas!!

The knee area of these pants is practically see through. The holey look is fab when you are a teen or twenty-something with a killer bod and the right attitude. I, however, look shabby.
Well, I wasn't quite ready to part with a jean that fits, soooooooooooo, I finally got brave and turned them into shorts.
I think I need to raise the hem a bit, but other than that, I'll get another year or two out of these pants before they go bye-bye forever.

Before: more shabby than chic

I have nice knees, but I don't have to cheapen myself by showing them to the world. LOL

*Gulp*  getting ready to hack them up...bye baby

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I cut them!

Did the serger thing so they didn't fray............yes, I didn't feel like rethreading it, so pink it is!!

Folded it over for a nice little hem

Pinned in place

A cute little top stitching and they are done.

I'm thinking two inches shorter OOORRRRRRRR just a tad tapered. Whaddaya think?

And no ''drop some tonnage'' or ''get a tan"  remarks......I already know that! LOL


  1. You could have appliqued a cute little Minion over the hole.....just sayin

  2. only if they were overalls for you!!

  3. I think you're right, 2 inches shorter, don't taper. I, too, can't part with my favorites. Better to find a new pair of shorts in a lost pair of jeans. :D

  4. you look great in anything! love the new shorts!

  5. I think two inches shorter. Way to save your favorite jeans!

  6. I think they are fab! I always save the excess for a rag quilt!