Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 5 - The What's for Dinner Solution

Today we wax poetic about our favorite kitchen appliance and how it works to help get dinner on the table.
My first favorite kitchen appliance is the phone..can you say take out? LOL This whole project has been an exercise to make family meals fun, affordable and better for your easy on the take out it is.
I think my favorite appliance is my stove. My real favorite is a heavy cast iron pot, but that is not an appliance. LOL
I braise, fry, saute`, boil, sear,'s how I get supper on the table. I am lucky enough to be a domestic goddess (housewife) and I cook almost everyday, sometimes more than once. 

How did this week of meal planning go for you? I actually didn't fret one single time about supper. I know, right! I always fret, but I posted the menu and stuck with it....yes, even when my taste buds were screaming for a Round Table pan pizza. I think I just may plan out next week's meals too. 

Wednesday night's supper:

Your project, tell me about your favorite kitchen tool, gadget, appliance; anything that helps you get supper on the table for you and yours!! 

All comments get your name in the drawing for this great little book and fantabulous bookmark!
You have a few more days to leave your comments...I am doing 7 days of meals to give those of you that can only check your blogs once in awhile, a little extra time to play catch up.

Monday......a padded envelope could be headed your way....c' along!!

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  1. How about the oven? See, my favorite meals are those that I can mix up in ten minutes, throw them in the oven, and ignore them!

  2. My favorite cooking "appliance" to help me get supper on the table? Why - my wonderful husband Chris of course! Haha! I am fortunate that my husband loves to cook, is an awesome cook and does the majority of the cooking!

  3. My fav right now is my Kitchen Ninja! I couldn't make my sunflower seed butter without it and that would make me a very unhappy girl :)

  4. I did fairly well sticking to the menu though we did skip dinner last night for a quick bite out while shopping and running errands. My favorite kitchen appliance is probably my stove. I love to bake. As for gadgets I have lots of Pampered Chef gadgets I can't live with out.

  5. My favorite appliance is the crockpot for sure. Anything that lets me throw all or most of the ingredients in and leave it for hours on end is great.