Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Evolutions

I set a few goals, kept a few goals and totally lost sight of a few goals.....sounds about normal, right.

Last year looked like this:
The short list:  
*finish stuff in a timely fashion, "procrastinot" 
I got a lot done. honestly, I did really well with this one...perfect...nope....dang near...yep
I am still a major procrastinista, but I am moving forward, not backward.
*drop some tonnage for health and ego
can you say: suckage? sure, I knew you could. LOL However, 2lbs is 2 lbs
*be less restrictive with the creative process 
I ran about 50/50 on this one. I am a little anal by nature so this one can be challenging
* be a better mom, wife, friend, Christian
kids are still alive, I'm still with the hubs, got great friends, God smiles at me more than He frowns....not too shabby
*figure out a way to entertain in my home that meshes with the hubster"s 8:30pm bedtime 
Yes, not a lot, but it did happen and once or twice it was spontaneous. 
* sister goal: go to parties and gatherings 
did a little of that too.
Well, it looks like I had more success than failure. 

I am betting I evolve similarly this year. Here's a few more:

*weight.....I gotta, but me and carbs....we are one, so it will not be easy. Maybe even add a little movement to my life.  I've been reading about short, full blown, bursts of exercise. I think I could do that.

*keep working on being more social. 

*get a part time job  I've been a stay home mom for 20+ years.....scary

*watch one child graduate high school and one graduate college (when did that happen?) and let them keep growing up, mistakes and all.

*acquire some new skills - scary skills - skills I wasn't supposed to need for a few more years. *gulp*  Grandma skills and mother-in-law skills. O-M-G!

*My church bought a couple of cases of chronological bibles with a daily format and challenged us all to read the entire bible this year. Yes, there will be a test. LOL Pastor did mention that he would occasionally refer to where we should be. Evil man. :-) I accept!! but now, as a church, we have the added benefit of learning something at the same time and being able to share...with everyone...because we will be, literally, 'on the same page'. How awesome is that?!

*Being the me I am supposed to be. If I learn to listen to God better, it should happen easier than if I don't, right? 

*To make a difference, the good kind. Not the kind that people remember with a sad little shake of their head kind.

I wonder what 2012 is going to surprise me with, 2011 had plenty.
Happy Happy Joy Joy

God Bless.......


  1. Thank you for your visit and a Happy New Year to you too :O)

  2. Regena,
    Blessing to you & your family not just in 2012 but through out your lives.

  3. I love you my friend. We will be new grammas together. My goal is to get 2 hugs from you this year - one when my granddaughter is born in March and the other when yours is born in June.

  4. You are great just as you are! Things will fall into place. I'm really excited for you about being a grandma. My mom was so excited to be a grandma(though she's a mimi.) This maybe your great job of all time!