Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage, honest to goodness, real, live vintage!

Today I got one of the best little surprises ever! The hubs does some yard work for a vintage lady and she sent him home with a tin of buttons.......a tin that belonged to HER MOM!! The tin dates to the 40's and Miss Mardy is in her 80's and I KNOW some of the items are from WWII era.
It's so fun! I just want to play in the buttons for awhile, ya know?!
Now for some pics:

The tin. 
It says Dixie Mix. 
Guess what? 
It held Camel Brand Cigarettes in it. I know, right!

My first peek at all the buttony goodness

Of course I dumped it out. helloooooo

As you can see, most of the buttons are pretty utilitarian. Some were store bought, some from old clothing, some with lots and some with just one or two. 
Heck, there is even one ugly, plastic, daisy button from the 70's in there!

Some Bakelite buttons and belt buckles. I'm pretty sure the shell buttons are real shell!

Can you say late 50's/60's tweed? Sure, I knew you could.
There is one lonely little rhinestone button and one lonely little etched glass button too.

And now....

are you ready? 

A mending kit for silk stockings!!
Complete....all there!! Squeeeeeeee

Read the directions....awesome sauce!!!
I can't believe how good this still looks after all these years!

The big question: do I use them? 
I know I will some of them, but some are just too fun. I saw a shadow box all prettied up with buttons on a blog somewhere....maybe I can do that for some of the more interesting buttons? Hmmmm
Looks like a fun project!!
What would you do with a box of buttons??


  1. I'm drooling in envy! Though my button collection is bigger, it's mostly modern. *sigh* And my uncles probably tossed my Grandmother's button collection (she'd be over 100 if she was still with us.)

    1. I've never had a button collection before and after a couple of hours now, I don't ever want to be without one. LOL

  2. What a wonderful box of goodies! I'd probably play with the buttons for hours by sorthing them first and then trying to decide what to do with them. I've seen some really cute button jewelry on etsy. Necklaces and bracelets that I might just have to buy soon. Have fun!!!!

  3. What a great little button box! I would have been excited too. I love my buttons and always struggle to use them too. Lately I've been trying to find uses for them since it's really hard to enjoy them when they just sit in my button bucket. The button shadow box idea sounds cool.

  4. love this fun present on a rainy day and can't wait to see it in person! remember we saw a shadow box downtown at Quiltin B's with vintage sewing stuff.