Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finished Files

I am almost finished with the stuff I started earlier this week.
Baby burp cloths...done!
Apron.....ran out of the right color thread, will finish tomorrow.
Valentines....d o n e!!

And here they are. I have some more fabric on the way because I plan on making a bunch more, only heart shaped and with a pocket. I am loving Sweetwater fabrics and labels and patterns.

Here they are stitched and labeled

Instead of machine stitching, I decided to do a big running stitch.

My colors are a little irregular so I had a hard time finding ribbon I liked

So I made my own in the right colors

I laid out the ribbon, then zig zagged it on

After the first one, I decided I liked it going the other direction.

Kinda cute, eh?

This kinda stuff makes me wish my kids were still little and they needed a boatload of Valentine's for their class. I really enjoyed this project and am looking forward to the rest of the Valentine's.
Then, I get to hand them out!!!! Fun stuff!!
Yes, I am a big ol' kid!


  1. Adorable...can you do a tutorial on these? It would be great for my daughter's class...I think this is her last year for Valentine's.

  2. I agree - these are beautiful! You are so organised. I am still thinking about stuff from last year that needs finishing...

  3. Those really came out cute! And pretty soon there's a little girl that will need some of those for her classroom....just sayin :)