Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beta Testing a New Pattern

I don't know about where you live, but it's hot here....104ºf  hot!!
I spent most of yesterday in the heat with several other ladies at a local costume shop trying out a new pattern. JoAnn Peterson From Sac City Dry Goods and Laughing Moon Patterns is designing an early 19th century(regency) corset pattern. She has tons of late 19th century (victorian) patterns that she's drafted, but no regency. This one will have two ways of doing it.....a period correct construction and a theatrical build.
We were working on the theatrical build and proofing her directions for typos and things she may have left out because she is so close to the work.
So far, so good. I made a few suggestions that just might end up as part of the produced pattern.
Thank you apron making!!!

There were several costume lovers of all skills and ages and we had a great time! We get to learn new skills, get a pattern and it's doesn't cost us any cash....just a few hours of camaraderie....Awesome sauce!!

My progress so far:

As you can see, she gives us each a kit with all the materials to make the corset. Also a set of directions. 
They are limited to just the text at this point, but she's there if we have any issues.
Yes, that is a paint stick......it's for the busk. They work great!

I got as far as altering all my pieces for a specific person,
(These will actually be used in Pride and Prejudice in August)
reviewing the directions, some assembly and all the grommeting.

The lining is cotton sateen and the outer fabric is a heavyweight coutil. VERY heavy. LOL

The main difference between the theatrical and the period correct is the kind of sewing involved.
Notice how we sewed and turned the straps here.... If it was period, it would be bound and there would've been a hand-worked eyelet. Metal grommets weren't invented yet.
Also, the side seams will be sewn with a much deeper seam allowance and sewn in a way that it can be altered without a lot of dis-assembly.  It will also have a lot less embellishment because it will be designed
to be made quickly, fuss free and easily altered.

I hope I get to beta test the period correct version. there will be cording and some intricate work on it, making it almost too pretty to wear...........................almost!

Next time you are in Old Town Sacramento,  stop by the store.
There will be Gold Rush Days this fall....maybe you'll see me as a saloon girl or churning butter??????
You just never know.......

This corset is more period correct.....I did do metal grommets though, I am not a reenactor, just an enthusiast!! I rocked my Jane Austen Dress in it!!
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  1. Nice! and you ROCK in everything you do!

  2. You are amazing :) I would, however like to see you churning butter......

  3. I have done it before!! We made butter in kindergarten!