Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Nature says hello

Nature gave me a really great "hello, hi, how are ya?"
She was bold, loud and messy.  It's taken two hours to deal with her little ''howdy"

Say hello to the plum tree.......she lost a branch and just now got a "hair cut" so we don't lose any more branches.

 Several hundred plums unripe plum gave their all so several hundred more could grow to maturity.

Then nature says hello in a beautiful, slow, elegant way; The hydrangea bush that won't die:
This blissfully slow road to summer has been fabulous to this plant......

How can one bush have three colors? It's spectacular in person.

Nature has been good to us, man, however, has not. Our tractor was stolen, from our property WAY out in the boonies, and the hubs is mad and heartbroken. Yes, we have insurance, but still, who does that kinda thing.................. really?? Prayers that they find it and we can, once again, have our own little green acres.



  1. Poor plum tree :( And what a bummer about the tractor!!! I'll be praying that you get it safely returned!

  2. Who does that sort of thing? You might be surprised! I will pray it finds it way back home somehow. Love the Hydrangea. I had a white mini rose tree in Arizona and each time it bloomed, they were anything but white...yellow and pink were the 2 main colors!