Friday, June 10, 2011

A Groovy Find

Actually, more like a gift. My sister helped an elderly friend pack up her house so she could move closer to her family. Betty gave my sister lots of little trinkets and what not and since I cook, my sister gave me Betty's personal recipe stash. I've been looking through all the ''lost'' recipes and it's amazing how foods have changed since Betty put these books together. Probably when her kids were little. LOL
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

 If the cover didn't give it away, these are all from the 1970's

In a small, small town, in the olden days, they actually posted your name AND address with your recipe. 
Can't do that now, too many weirdos out there.

Faces to go with the recipe

Hand written changes sprinkled throughout the books

  She liked her some "par-tay" desserts!!


Some are from newspaper clippings, magazines and the back of flour bags  

Some are this...Aggression Cookies  LOL

Political recipes

Some had yummy pictures

 Enough recipes to last a month of Sundays..............literally!!  LOL

I will post a recipe every now and then and let ya'll know how it tastes.
If there is a lost recipe from the bygone era of cb's, truckin', and bellbottoms, ask me and I'll see if it's in here, you just never know!



  1. I can't wait to see it, I love the old recipes and just can't find any of them!

  2. Well this dates me, I have some of those recipes myself in a file folder from back in the day! Can't wait to see what other recipes you have, please share when you can.


  3. How fun! I love old recipes!

  4. Looks like my Mom's recipe box/books. She actually has the Bacardi Rum cake one that looks just like that!

  5. holy buckets! i've been transcribing my hub's mom and grandmother's recipe collections for the last few years into my own book so they stay protected. It's so much fun! you're gonna love discovering those old recipes and getting them on the table!

  6. Aggression Cookies! Oh, I adore that name.