Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zipper bag for what?

Did you ever buy a piece of fabric that you just had to have? You don't know why, it matches nothing and the piece isn't all that big,,,,,but you get it anyway. I have a few pieces like that. LOL 
This particular piece is white with bras all over it. I know, I know.....what was I thinking? But I had to have it! It's just barely a half a yard. Last night, I finally decided what to do with it!!
A bra bag. I will be traveling to So. Cal. at the end of next month and I decided I wanted pretty luggage. I don't need to buy a new suit case, but I wanted the innards to be nicer than the gallon size ziplocks I use. :-)


It's 10" by 15"

Of course I had to make it more difficult by using a directional fabric that I wanted going the same way on the back. Lame!! It's just a bag that goes inside another bag.......
oh well....all out or get out, right?

It is supposed to hold four sets of unmentionables. I can show you, but I can't tell you. hahahahaha

It does!!!!! And one of the sets is that blasted molded cup kind!!

One cute accessory down. MMmmmmmmm, what next??

Don't fear the zipperbag tutorial is the link to my friend Karen's blog. She feature this tutorial for a smaller version of the bag.
**mini tute**
Basically, for what ever size you want, you make the back side 2" taller than the front.

For my bag, I used a directional fabric [a pattern (picture) that only looks good one way] so I had to have an extra seam so the bras were all going the same direction on both sides, but the math was pretty much the same.
I also didn't use the fusible batting...I had a heavy white canvas as the liner and though the extra layer would be overkill.

Soooooooo for directional, fussy, persnickity cutting I did this:

Decided on a bag size: in this case 10 x 15 inches finished ( all future measurements will be in inches)
Adjusted cutting to accommodate my fabric choice and my penchant for doing things the hard way.
Adjusted said measurements for seam allowances...I use a 1/4", but you can use what ever you like....just be consistent!!
I have two front pieces and one back piece:
Back piece is 10.5 by 15.5
Top front piece is: 1.5 by 15.5
Bottom front piece is 9 by 15.5 
Then follow Karen's zipper instructions with you front pieces only.
Open the zipper 2/3 the way, put right sides together, sew and turn. Taa-daaaaa fussy cut zipper bag!!


  1. Totally adorable! I love it!!!

  2. loving it!! maybe a shoe bag?? lol

  3. shoessssssssss...................
    No zipperrrrrr...................
    I think I like it, now for some shoe fabric!!

  4. Cute use of an odd fabric! It will make you smile every time you open your suitcase. Good job, RR!

  5. Love it and now wanting one too!

  6. Oh that is just too cute! Love that fabric, girl!


  7. Cool! I want one too! Great use of an unnusual fabric too

  8. Super cute! And yes, I have loads of fabric like that...and always find some kind of PERFECT use for them. Sometimes it just takes awhile :)

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  10. are you going to post a tutorial? it is super cute and fun!

  11. this is a very cute idea this will make a great travel idea for people thanks