Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corset 2 done!

Did I take any pics? Noooooooooo. LOL  But I dropped it off today. In the next week, I'll be helping make some regency style dresses for Butterfield 8's performance of Pride and Prejudice. maybe even a new dress for me in a color that doesn't suck what little color I have all away. I can't wait!! And yes, I will take pictures.
 Here's a group shot I found online. Everything but the 'retro' one in the corner is in the running.
I have two of these. :-)

Today is a perfect day to be inside sewing. Rain, thunder, lightning, wind. Yeppers, perfect indoor weather.......which is why I was out in it for four hours.

Tonight, I am going to try and fit a dress on me (at least get it all cut out). It's freezing (okay wet and 60º), so it must be a summer dress. LOL  The blue one, I have the chambray all ready to go. I'll make the muslin out of white fabric, hip length, maybe use it as a shirt if it looks cute. ???????

 I might even see what kind of fabric I have in the closet and make some shoebags for my upcoming trip!!

I know, a tad boring, but I felt the need to blog. :-)


  1. That dress will come in handy in So Cal in July.....just sayin!

  2. Cute dress. I like the one with the cap sleeves.