Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do you do when.....

.................Life gets in the way of your sewing?

I'll admit that I am not the most proficient of time managers, but this past week, it has been extra hard to be one with my machines. 

School is out, the kids are home, teenagers run amok throughout the Floisphere(first three letters of last name and the last of atmosphere), eating everything not nailed down. I have no clean towels and I just washed a load yesterday. I don't even have a pool....what happened to all my beach towels?

I am sewing matter what! Okay, not entirely true, But barring big stuff, I sew!!


  1. So do it. Go on with your baaaad self!

  2. you can't sew when you're blogging....

  3. smarty pants!!! I can't sew while I suck up the daddy long legs invasion either.... but I GOTS to do that first!!

  4. Daddy Long legs are the "good" kind of spider. They keep other insects and stuff outta your house.

  5. they are good when there are a couple. they are bad when you look up and see them in every dang corner of the house!! I did let two finish their meal before I sucked them into the vacuum!! I am not totally heartless.