Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In---my third!

I wish I had more to post, but I did get quite a bit done!!

First, I finished something I can't post about yet. 

I can you that it is an apron. I can tell you that it is my very own design. I can tell you that it is more than one color.  he he he
I Hope I can blog about it soon!!!! VERY soon! Like yesterday soon. Rats!!

Next, I tried out a pattern for a friend. She did not like it ( ie...hated it big time) and I offered to sample it and see if I had the same kind of issues.

Alas, I did not, but it is not a friendly pattern to sew. I do a lot of oddball historic sewing, so that is probably why I didn't have the same issues.

Turned out cute though...

This is the pattern
I was just testing so I didn't do any fancy patchwork.

As you can see, the zipper was attached in a way that the seam couldn't be finished during application. And it was a pain to have all that batting up in my business. I whipped stitched it down to keep it neat and clean looking.

Inside view. I didn't change the serger thread to black or else it would be a lot prettier. :-)

What it looks like looking in. 

 All in all, it took me about an hour .
(if you discount the fact that a 10 CM zipper is not the same as a 10 IN zipper and I had to got get the right one before I could finish) Cute little bag, but there are far easier ways to make it. Not having a bottom seam made it a challenge. Next time, bottom seam and a bag lining.

I had grandiose plans, maybe next FSNI I can be better prepared to have a ton-o-stuff completed. 



  1. Very cute bag, but I still hate the pattern :) Can't wait til you can post about your "top secret" project....even though I've already seen it!!!

  2. An apron and a bag, sounds like a pretty productive FNSI to me.

    I often find that when I'm working from a pattern I end up changing things because there's a much simpler/easier way of doing it.