Monday, June 6, 2011

new project....for me!!!

That's just for me!! At least I am going to attempt to put a project for me for first for a change. LOL
I am trying to change up my style. I wear jean capris and t's tooo toooo much. I used to love a long dress or skirt and now they are back in vogue. I got out of the tennies and sweats a long time ago, but it's time to update my look even more. Practice, practice, practice!!

One project I have ready to go,  several I want to do but don't have the patterns.

I have this one laid out and ready to go. Going to make a muslin for the top to the waist and see if I need any adjustments. I tried on a dress that had the exact same cut and yoke and it looked good on me!! I know, I was surprised too. The yoke was HUGE so I didn't buy it, but I have this in my stash....yeah me!

 I will use either the blue or the khaki for this dress. If I really wear it a lot, then I will get funky with it and make up another one or two.

Been told I would look cute is this by a fellow blogger (Karen)  
She showed me a more fitted dress, but I think we both agree 
that this one is more laid back and summery. 
Well, I KNOW she does, she bought the dang pattern already. LOL 
I have decision issues.  :-)

I saw this one too. 
It's pretty much the dress above with a kimono style bodice. 
Sometimes I like a little sleeve, but I do loves me some sleeveless.

THEN I saw this one. I know, I know.....
it's kind of a granny dress from the 30's, but I just really like the look. It goes with my granny hair and I bought a bunch of really cute buttons I need to use. LOL
I am also feeling like I need to be a tunic girl. Where did this feeling come from? I've got no idea, but I need to run with it for a little while and see how it pans out.

You can get these patterns and some really cute bag patterns at:

Thinking this combo for one of the summer dresses. 
Too much? 
Not enough??
Can I really wear polka dots??
Large polka dots?

I know it looks like a lot of work, but I have help. Here they are, helping me the only way they know how:

Bobo, guarding the scraps

Lily, attacking my dressform. Well, the pincushion with the ribbon dangling from it anyway. LOL

Okay, they really aren't that much help, but they are entertaining as all get out!!

What are you doing ........................... just for you?????



  1. I keep putting off sewing clothing for myself because I keep thinking I'll lose a few pounds first. Maybe I should just get it done? Either way....can't wait to see what you make!!!

  2. Love all those patterns. and the fabric too. Go for the big flowers and dots! They will be fun for the summer!

  3. Love them all! So which one have you done? I wanna see!