Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pattern Making: A Baby Dress Odyssey

I wanted to make a dress for a baby.
I had a look in my head.
I couldn't find a ready made pattern that suited my vision.
Soooooooooo I got all brave like and decided to draft my own pattern.
First, I used several different patterns as a reference for the armscye :

This one seemed a little acute

This one seemed a little shallow

This was a little better

I fiddled and made a mess for awhile

Got a real measurement from the mom  and came up with this for the yoke

Then I sewed it up:

All my pieces ready to go

Made a mess clipping curves and corners

I  loves me some top stitching

Let the gathering begin

Gathering pinned to death

Taaaaa Daaaaaa

I need to make the buttonholes and attach the buttons, then I can try it on the baby girl!!! Not too bad for my very first drafting attempt, eh?

buttons done!! 
Love my janome aqs 2009 for buttonholes!!!!

Once I check the fit and see how it looks on a real person and not paper, I'll make some adjustments and maybe, jjjuuusssstttttt maybe, I'll pdf it and make a free, FREE, free tutorial and pattern for a little jumper dress that fits a 6-9 month old baby (actual baby chest measurement 19" with some wiggle room)
I need to make a matching diaper cover too! Maybe with a ruffly booty.

I definitely need to write down the assembly order and make a few changes to the way I put it together, You take for granted that a pattern has all the steps right there for ya. I knew what to do and what order bbbbbuuuuttttttt I really had to think about it. LOL  AND, surprise!! I didn't have to unsew anything! That rarely happens to me...what a gift!!

I hope this inspires you to draft your own pattern!!! It could be sewing, cross stitch, something crafty.....give it a whirl!! You'll be glad you did!! I know I am!!

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  1. Are you sure you used enough pins? Ha! Totally cute little dress :) Awesome job!

  2. ADORABLE! I love the fabric and she will look soooo cute in it. Great job!

  3. I needed a fed more pins...ha!

  4. Your pinning it truly meticulous! I am sure that is why your finished dress is so lovely! Thanks for sharing!