Friday, June 17, 2011

Cleaning up the spiders.....a tip

It's summer. That means more open doors and windows and more in and out and more bugs. Ugh.!! Yesterday, I noticed that my house was full of cobwebs and those cobwebs were full of spiders. the Daddy long legs variety. I know they are the ''good'' kind, but, seemingly overnight, they were in nearly every corner that was close to a door. Millions (okay 10-12) of them!!! I pulled out my trusty Riccar sunburst and got to gettin!

Some tips for sucking those suckers up:

Tip one: a vacuum with great suction and a long extension tube.

Tip two:

See that little pencil looking mark on the wall? That is from the extension tube on my vacuum. It's metal and metal leaves this mark. I hate this mark, but in order to suck up good webbage, you must run the tube against the wall.

This is how I stop the marks......I tape some paper around the edge and fold it over the top. This one is about ready to be replaced. I only use this as a hand vac, so I don't worry about attachments fitting. FYI, they do fit. LOL
Now, no more marks that look like I outline my walls in pencil.
I wonder if Mr. Clean's magic eraser will get rid of it...mmmmmmm

I wasn't completely heartless,
I let the two that were eating finish their last meal before I sent them to spider heaven.

I didn't just do the spiders, I just went to town doing the baseboards and window sills and the popcorn ceiling. It turned into a ''most of the morning'' project. LOL
And what do I spy today??  That's right.....a big ol' daddy long legs right were I sucked them up yesterday!
Gosh and dang it!!!

Time to get the vacuum out again!!

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