Friday, September 24, 2010

An apron panal to die for!

I love this!! At you can design your own fabric. A bit pricey, yes, but look what someone did!! A cut and sew apron!! I even love the style!!! I feel a pattern making session coming on...............

the happy cooker apron


  1. very cute! Do I see a ST apron pannel?

  2. If it weren't for copyright infringements, yes you would!!

  3. You could tweek it just enough to make it your "own" version..... Hubby is watching an old episode of Star Schelp right now :)

  4. Schlep?? oh you did NOT just go there!! you better hope I don't get you in the swap baby!!!!
    Spiders??? mwah ha ha You ain't seen nothing yet!
    think zombie spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    star schlep......why I oughtta....

  5. last month, i think, when they had their weekly contest, the subject was apron panels... must've had 5 or 6 pages of them! have you signed up for their newsletter yet?

  6. I think I could handle zombie spiders....but PLEASE NO TRIBBLES!!!

  7. ratty, no, I haven't signed up for their newsletter but i want lots of cash so i can buy stuff there! LOL

    Karen, you is trekkin for a bruisin' girl!!
    Do NOT mess with a girls st obsession!! I'm tellin your hubby you are dissin st!!!