Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little black dress

     Today I am going shopping. Yea me! My 30th, gulp, high school reunion is Saturday and it's cocktail attire. I want thee perfect ''little black dress". It doesn't have to be black, it just has to be something I can restyle and wear and wear and wear and it will always look classy and like it was made just for me.
     I know what you're thinking: why don't you just make your own? I need a fit buddy and the right fabric and the right pattern; it's harder than finding ready made. I will, someday, make my own LBD, but I still enjoy the hunt for the right dress! Of course this also means the right bra, the right shoes, the right accessories.......maybe I just love all the extra stuff too???


  1. Is the hubby actually going to get dressed up with you? I want to see pictures! Have a great shopping day! May your perfect dress be waiting for you and may it be on sale!!!!

  2. hubby can't go. ;-( And I got the best lookin one!!!
    The fun night will be girl's night on friday

  3. Hey...just saw that Fashion Bug has some really cute little black dresses on their site. There's supposed to be a store within 10 miles of your city. If you haven't found anything, you might want to check it out.

  4. WENT THERE got a skirt but son called and got out of school early so I had to leave.
    Target had one that was almost perfect. didn't like the sleeve treatment but it might be fixable. Daughter called and came home sick during that store. guess I need to keep looking LOL