Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pattern sale at Joann's

I didn't need  any of what I bought, but I love, love, LOVE aprons and apron patterns and when you combine my unnatural love of aprons and a pattern sale.....yikes!!!! My Joann's was out of the Vogue pattern (sniff, sniff) but I will check the other nearby store tomorrow. Authentic pattern circa 1952!! woo and hoo

Vintage Vogue apron
V86473   coveting this one, the store was out..
Got these four! Loving the two upper patterns!


  1. Hey, the link worked and everything!

  2. Look at you....bein' all "linkie" and stuff :)

  3. I'm linkie, I like it!!
    Went to joann's in concord and picked up the apron pattern from vogue. love it times two!