Thursday, September 16, 2010

Artsy dilemma......sorta

I need cute artist clothes. Seriously. Every time you see someone in the midst of the creative process they are in some really abused clothing that has seen better days, is ill fitting and is totally chic looking on them. 
I want that, I need that, I crave that.
Ahhhh, but what to wear? I own no paint spattered overalls and I have but one pair of kneeless jeans and an old boy scout leader t-shirt. I really don't have any ''beater'' clothing.
I must ponder this self inflictive dilemma......................


  1. husband shirts...i use my hubs old tshirts for that kind of stuff.

  2. Can't do that, my boobs are bigger than his chest LOL Besides, his works shirts are black logo tees, eww and ick I do not wear black if I can avoid it. I know, how un-artsy of me. :-)

  3. I live in my overalls. There is no paint on them though :) Thank goodness for thrift stores that sell overalls because stores like Old Navy or Target only sell them every 10 years or so when someone decides they are fashionable again. I've had a love affair with overalls since I was in junior high. I used to embroider on them and sew ribbons on them too. You've inspired me to get back to that. I think when I "grew up" I let that fun side go a bit....time to re-claim it. Thanks Regena!

  4. you can still find them at work world, the feed store, online and orchard supply hardware, altho those are the painter kind in off white. I prefer denim myself.
    I had a love affair with seersucker plaid hiphuggers....which could explain the shorts I'm wearing right now.(pink plaid a few thin lines of super shiny gold thread) LOL

  5. Lovin the mental picture of you in seersucker plaid hiphuggers :)

  6. with a baby blue wife beater....ahhhhh to be 13 and totally built again................