Saturday, September 18, 2010

The blogoshere sure is quiet.

Sure, you're all out having a life while I am at home cleaning and organizing and trying not to lose at facebook scrabble. I'm not used to these ultra quiet days and it's kinda freaking me out. So far  Bullet is a slow read and I have lost a bit of steam finishing the organizing, but still.

I have to make two salads and bbq pulled pork for tomorrow and school type lunches, la spaghet and meatballs for supper, add another coat of polish to the ol' tosies and maybe, just maybe, a big ol' batch of brownies. I was gonna do the apple thing, but my apples all got ate. LOL

Time for a nappy and then a full night of cookin' and cleanin' so our bellies can be full for days!


  1. That clown on the post below is still giving me the willies

  2. LOL go look at the video. That woman was drag queen pretty