Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dust bunnies and dishes

     As I rearrange the dining and living rooms, I can almost feel the dust bunnies scurry and the daddy long-legs cringe at the thought or rebuilding their webs. I can't take enough allergy pills; it seems I am very allergic to dust bunny dander. :-)  I find I am also allergic to unloading the buffet and the bookcase so they can be moved. LOL
     Will I find a delicate, dust covered lizard skeleton like last year? Eww, ick and neato! Will the hubster take one look at the new layout and shake his head? Will I break a big toe on the way to the kitchen to get a midnight drink of water because I forgot I moved furniture? Will the old metal office desk I recently acquired look awful and will I have to break down and paint it? Where the heck will I put my sewing machine?
     Anyone else hate sewing in a dark, dank, oh-so-secluded corner of the house? It is soooooo unmotivating, let me tell ya!

Back to chores.......but wait, what is that I hear?????UPS???? gotta go!!!


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