Friday, September 17, 2010

Bozo the Clown gives make up tips-----run, screaming!!!!

Seriously!! Anyone watch On the Road with Austin and Santino? Their latest victim, I mean, project, I mean person who needs help, is a lady truck driver from Nevada.    OMG AND A HALF!!!!
That woman has chosen an unfortunate, scary, clownish  kinda brow treatment.
I understand she was making a statement at one time, but holy moly shoot the pony, why didn't she grow out of it?? Did no-one love her enough to say, "Hey! You dropped a ton of weight, you're gorgeous, now drop the brows!"?
I know it makes me look really shallow, considering I am such a goddess of beauty myself, but if I was a guy, I would soooooooo avoid the girl with drag queen eyes! And yes, I know, some people love that look, I am just NOT one of them.
Sorry, pics from episode 8 are not up yet, but I will link them when they are up!!

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