Monday, September 6, 2010

Calorie Free Fortune Cookies!

Spent an hour (maybe less) making these10 little beauties. I tried the glue method first but the all sew method worked better for me. And yes, you can use plain ol' felt instead of fusing fabric to fusible batting; this method gave me more colorful 'cookies'.  Type in" fabric fortune cookies" and see what happens.
Here's a quick photo tutorial from me:
Fuse as per package directions
Mark and sew inner third of seam about 1/4" from the edge
Fold cookies in half across the stitching
stitch 1/8" around two thirds of cookie


  1. so cute, but now what? DO you make up your own fortunes and pass them out on Halloween?

  2. I am making these for teacher goodie bags. I am currently fortune hunting now. I have a few good ones, but nothing that really ''speaks to me'' yet.
    Is it odd that I make goodie bags for high school teachers. why should k-6 have all the fun?