Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project Runway autograph!!!!!

Lisa"fun"Fulmer got this little pressie for me at the craft expo (CHA) in Chicago.
I sooooo can't wait for her to get back to CA so I can touch it, feel it and be one with it!!!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEE


Finally, after forever, a new season of Project Runway!

I can hardly contain myself. DVR is set, popcorn is bought, sewing machine is threaded (thank you for that Mark) and facebook invites sent.

Here's hoping they get back to basics and have new, up and coming designers instead of people who already have a line; great drama and rivalries; uber creative challenges; judge drama and a really good runway portion

Here's hoping that we get to see and feel the process of creating and making the garments and not so much of the boring in between parts. (last season had issues with that) 

Here's hoping the show is inspiring and fun and turns out to be 'must see t.v"!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aprons, aprons and more aprons

Aprons ready for the mail. My friends Mark and Ken just bought a lake house. this is their BBQ/house warming pressie.  Hope they like!!!

These Little beauties are going to be an apron for a book writing friend. 
Google Kathi Lipp.....she's a hoot and a half.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 projects completed!!

I completed three aprons and am starting number four is just a few minutes. Some of the stuff people are making is incredible. Will post pics when I get back home.

Cutting table is free, now back to regularly scheduled sewing!!!

And sock monkeying around!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

wish I had pics

Up in the San Bernadino Mountains and sewing with friends,,,,,seriously, this is gonna be great. They all took a walk and I came to play for a few.
Craving pepsi and some toast. LOL

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The next productive distraction

In addition to the AIW apron swap, I am making this one for a coffee loving friend; she's gonna love it!! Now, what style? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................

Oops! I hear the timer and that means my cheesecakes are d-o-n-e

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Testing my phone sending abilities. If this works....then I guess I have some. LOL

Only 1.5 days left to prep

It's down to the wire and I have a list a mile long and it shoulda been done last week but procrastination is my middle name.
Is anything important done? nnnoooooooooooo
Is my fabric all ironed? yyyessssssss
Sock Monkey parts all matched and bagged? yyyeeessssssss
Cheescakes cooked? Not yet.
Errands ran? In 10 minutes I'm out the door.
Sleep, maybe a nap later. hahahahahahaha

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Hot flashes are keeping me from things I should be doing.
I am avoiding the iron like it was full of bees or smelled funny or something.

Must get booty moving...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Prepping for fun!

     What is keeping me distracted today? Planning for a mini quilting retreat with a few of the ladies from an online quilt group that has been together for 15 years. I can hardly believe it!
     I won't be doing much quilting, but I will be doing a lot of apron making.  Right now, I am  bagging everything up, making sure I have all the right thread and assorted doodads.
     I am very excited. This is the first time I get to go because there is no kid activity, mostly colorguard, going on! woot woot raise the roof!!

** in case you haven't discovered them, ziplock© bags in the 2.5 gallon size are AWESOME  times two!! I prefer the slide kind, but the regular is good too.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The blog has begun. It will take me forever to make all the creative changes I want and forever to learn how. Just what I need, another distraction!!!

See you around the blogosphere.