Friday, February 28, 2014

Woolly Bully

I know it dates me, but does anyone else remember Sam the sham and the Pharaohs? My sister and brother and I used to dance in the garage to all kinds of music, I remember this one in particular. LOL

This post is about wool alright, Appleton Crewel Wool. Button, button.... is doing a year of samplers and next month is crewel work. I didn't know this when I bought my fun is that?

I am trying lots of new things this year and crewel work is one of them...mostly because there are some really cute patterns out there and I like embroidery..

Both of these are from the etsy shop The Floss Box.   There are several cute patterns there and they come pdf form with tons of pics and supplies and tips...I highly recommend her stuff.

I will be starting with the Bee.
I picked up most of the wool I will need, and some floss bunnies too. DMC 6 strand floss is scads less expensive, but this gives you a whole other feel and look. I like it.

This little foray into wool might not have been so expensive it I didn't buy needle
The flower is strong enough to hold a pair of scissors....wait....let me show you......

one pair regular size embroidery scissors, albeit totally fun reproductions

a big heifer pair on top of the other pair

even the itty bitties will keep a small pair in place
(yes, I am a scissors ho)

I will post progress as I make it and let you know. 
My philosophy....if you have enough UFOs, you will never have a chance to get bored. Yep, I am stickin with that! LOL

Happy Stitching.

And a little blast form the past......
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Wooly Bully... by TOCARD-CONNEXION

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trying to get busy

Yep, lots of things going on and not a lot of it sewing. I am fixin' to change that right quick.

First off, I got me some inspiration.......the oranges are just yummy

Pulled out a UFO and got it one step closer to FO (fininshed object) 

Back of the chicas runner...a batik that has been sitting in a basket for far too long

Tried something new to me.........the hubs thought they would make great strike indicators for fishing.....sunk like a means I won't lose any to his hobby. lol

The Pinmoor in action

And a little machine quilting practice.

Trying to get back into the swing of things. It will get better when I finally buckle down and do the taxes, then I can be freer to play more. 
AAANNNDDDDDDDDDD since the dot got her license last week.......I am liking life a little better and so is she. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LRs Very Steampunk Valentine Blog Hop 2♥14

Welcome to the third annual

 LRs Very Steampunk Valentine Blog Hop 2♥14

This year I decided to not do an embroidered piece. I know, I know. I did almost no sewing.....just a teeny tiny little bit.

I started with this little pile of goodies

I took things apart, markered up and dabbed some acrylic paint here and there. Glued and cut and taped and sewed my little bit of altered art.

I took the theme in a little bit of a different direction. You see, lots of people feel trapped by Valentine's Day soooooo... I trapped cupid. LOL

I couldn't pick the best shot, so here are both of them

I hope your Valentine's Day leaves you feeling steamy and not trapped!
Now, go and enjoy the other hoppers!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Say Hello

To my new little friend.

The hubs finally had enough trying to deal with my son's computer crashing and locking up all thee time. Our old system died with a painful amber light of death and could not be revived. it was, after all, 9 years old. My son recently built his own system and let us borrow his old one until the hubs decided he could part with the money.
I found an all-in-one that fit the budget and our needs.....both kinda low, really. lol
Dell 2020....built in wifi and bluetooth...anybody need a wifi adapter? LOL
4GB ram. 1TB hard, card reader, dvd/cd writer,  drive faster than my old system 2.6 vs 3.0...what's not to love?

Missing XP,  it was sooooooo much more intuitive that windows 8, but I am adjusting. I am thinking I probably should've splurged for the touch screen and a few more usb ports, but the screen is bigger than my last system and I didn't even use half the ports anyway.( and they were out of tons of units and I was tired of thinking and waiting)  lol For what I do, this system is more than adequate and will last a long time before I feel the need for an update. Dual monitors would've been great and I can probably get a usb adapter and make it work if I really, really want to.....we shall see.

It's actually a more powerful system than the one that died yet I still almost feel the need to get bigger, badder, faster. Our real needs and my sensible side won out. Besides, I can do a lot with all that money we didn't spend. I have a bad feeling that this is my birthday gift though...rats...I should've waited another week!


I'm finally done! I chose a single diamond layout and I will do several lines of quilting in the white areas.
FYI....changing sewing machines in the middle of piecing my blocks....not my best decision. lol. Some of the rows are not as sharp as they could be. lol. 1/4" is different on each me.
80 hst blocks.....4" finished. quilt will be 32" by 40" without borders.....I haven't decided to border or not...we shall see...