Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cocktail Casual?

What the heck does that mean? Does that mean I don't need the perfect LBD? Does it mean I wear the good jeans with something other than a t-shirt?
Looks like it's time for a web search.
**Shopping update**
Got thee cutest skirt....who knew?!

Little black dress

     Today I am going shopping. Yea me! My 30th, gulp, high school reunion is Saturday and it's cocktail attire. I want thee perfect ''little black dress". It doesn't have to be black, it just has to be something I can restyle and wear and wear and wear and it will always look classy and like it was made just for me.
     I know what you're thinking: why don't you just make your own? I need a fit buddy and the right fabric and the right pattern; it's harder than finding ready made. I will, someday, make my own LBD, but I still enjoy the hunt for the right dress! Of course this also means the right bra, the right shoes, the right accessories.......maybe I just love all the extra stuff too???

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Regena means queen, and queens don't bow to princesses!

     How do you deal with teenage girl angst? I got through one child's issues and now child number two is driving me insane! It's a whole 'nother brand of angst and the mother /daughter bond is taking a serious beating.
     I've tried explaining to her that 'the golden orb in the sky is called the sun, not the Sophie, for a reason' , Nope, not working. 
     This little princess is in a bid for power. She will not win and there will be casualties, trust me. Her freedom, her cell phone, her right to pursue driving, non-essential electricity, her social calendar, my sanity, etc.
     She doesn't think that's what her behavior is all about,  but we all know the score. Apparently, my brain cells have given up the ghost and she knows all, sees all and is the boss of all.
     Let me just say it now, boys are easier!! A blanket statement to be sure, but true!
     Pray for me, wish me luck, send me tips, send me cash for a boarding school, far, far away; heck, even a spa day.......I'll take all the help I can get!!
     Parenthood isn't for the faint of heart, wussies or the weak! Here's to parents everywhere and at every stage of growth! Bravo!!!!! You deserve it!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sometimes Scrabble rocks!!!!!

Regena Florenti I never heard of bingo in scrabble, but I got one! woot woot!!

Regena scored a BINGO in SCRABBLE with the word GRANTING worth 83 points!
BINGO is a play in which you use all 7 tiles in the rack. A bonus of 50 extra points is added to your score.

Friday, September 24, 2010

An apron panal to die for!

I love this!! At you can design your own fabric. A bit pricey, yes, but look what someone did!! A cut and sew apron!! I even love the style!!! I feel a pattern making session coming on...............

the happy cooker apron

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aaarrrgggggg Facebook!

I'm having a perfectly good conversation with a friend, hello Karen, and facebook decides it has to do maintenance or something and now I can't even scrabble or post or chat or anything! aaaahhhhhhhh

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

YIPE! The Costume Fanzine of Record

Click here:  Yipe! A costumers e-zine

Noooooooo, Not Mika!!!

Season two comes to a close with a sad, sad note. I hope it is just a major cliff hanger, but it just wouldn't be the same if Mika really left! I know she loves Pete and is happy and sad that he lost his girlfriend but still. Nooooooooo!
Is Claudia really inline to take Mrs. Fredrick's place? Will Artie let her make that decision on her own? Will Artie and the Doc actually get to go on a date? What will happen to H.G.? Will we get to see any other Warehouses?
Can't wait for SEASON 3!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel so geek queen!

I added a picture with a link to my sidebar! I feel like I have mad computer skills now! LOL
It's for an All Hallow's Eve Apron swap....won't you join me?!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Subaru blew it!!

Does anyone see the problem?  The boys are not wearing official Cub Scouts' uniforms. They are wearing a Boy Scouts shirt with a Girl Scouts Brownie vest!! Seriously, I hope they docked their research department some serious bucks!!! It kills me every time I see it!! Having been a leader in both groups I know the difference.
Even if they just put the boys in red felt vests for their 'fun' patches, it would've been way better.
Climbin of my soapbox to let Subaru know they totally missed the mark!!!!
Oh yeah, pinewood derby tracks aren't flat either. LOL

Almost done!

It seems like it's taking forever to change out the desk and bookshelves. I had no idea just how much stuff you can put in such a small dang space!!
I am taking some serious time to actually organize the papers and pics and books so that I don't have to go through an ''I'll go through it later" box when things are done. The recycle and give-away piles are looking pretty full. Another few hours today and tomorrow and I can get to some sewing and holiday planning. woo and hoo!
Some of this stuff hasn't been moved or gone through in for-ev-er! I think dust bunnies are alive after they've been behind a bookshelf that long. LOL  scarey stuff.......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The blogoshere sure is quiet.

Sure, you're all out having a life while I am at home cleaning and organizing and trying not to lose at facebook scrabble. I'm not used to these ultra quiet days and it's kinda freaking me out. So far  Bullet is a slow read and I have lost a bit of steam finishing the organizing, but still.

I have to make two salads and bbq pulled pork for tomorrow and school type lunches, la spaghet and meatballs for supper, add another coat of polish to the ol' tosies and maybe, just maybe, a big ol' batch of brownies. I was gonna do the apple thing, but my apples all got ate. LOL

Time for a nappy and then a full night of cookin' and cleanin' so our bellies can be full for days!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bozo the Clown gives make up tips-----run, screaming!!!!

Seriously!! Anyone watch On the Road with Austin and Santino? Their latest victim, I mean, project, I mean person who needs help, is a lady truck driver from Nevada.    OMG AND A HALF!!!!
That woman has chosen an unfortunate, scary, clownish  kinda brow treatment.
I understand she was making a statement at one time, but holy moly shoot the pony, why didn't she grow out of it?? Did no-one love her enough to say, "Hey! You dropped a ton of weight, you're gorgeous, now drop the brows!"?
I know it makes me look really shallow, considering I am such a goddess of beauty myself, but if I was a guy, I would soooooooo avoid the girl with drag queen eyes! And yes, I know, some people love that look, I am just NOT one of them.
Sorry, pics from episode 8 are not up yet, but I will link them when they are up!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's as done as it's gonna get......for now!

I have finished the desk. It isn't too bad. I kinds, sorta, probably wished I would've continued the alphabet on the lower drawer, but the store only had one piece, oh well. It could use some paint, maybe a soft orange or faded red, but it looks way better than before. I feel so handy! LOL

Artsy dilemma......sorta

I need cute artist clothes. Seriously. Every time you see someone in the midst of the creative process they are in some really abused clothing that has seen better days, is ill fitting and is totally chic looking on them. 
I want that, I need that, I crave that.
Ahhhh, but what to wear? I own no paint spattered overalls and I have but one pair of kneeless jeans and an old boy scout leader t-shirt. I really don't have any ''beater'' clothing.
I must ponder this self inflictive dilemma......................

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what state am I in?

I'm going to decoupage some desk drawers with this. I like it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Totally out of focus

I am moving really fast and getting nothing done.
Please send focus my way!!!
It's getting better as the day goes on, but I am really in the weeds.
Also, can't find my kid's ss card; I put it in a safe safe I can't find it. LOL  That's what happens when you move furniture. hahahahaha

Friday, September 10, 2010

Which one do I make?? Decisions, decisions........

I want a new regency corset.   I made The one from the Mantua maker, but that 14" wooden busk is a killer and I made the bust gussets a little to deep so I don't have the right kind of "shelf" that looks right with the dress I have. I am hoping to be part of  Jane Austen Celebration and fashion show on October 24 How Austentatious!
These are my two choices and I can get into the corset myself instead of being bound in by someone else. LOL That would be handy and a half.
daffodown dilly pattern
past  patterns
mantua maker that I made

In honor of 9/11, the Patriotic PT

July 4th, side view
July 4th parade, front view with all the other cruisers!
July 4, 2009 front view. It's a karate gi to represent the the church's dojo Hillside Karate Kai
Back view 2009
Me and my girl have been in a parade or two and even though time and the roads have done some exterior ''improvements", we've got a few more parades in us yet!
Have a peaceful and reflective 9/11

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Retro chic or really ugly?

Picked this up this week for nothing. Thought about painting it, but I kinda like it all with all its life showing. It weighs a lot more than it looks and it has very little wear considering. It's got to be better than this pressed board thingy I am using! I HATE it!!
When I do paint it, should I got plain, or all mural-ee?
Anyone wanna paint it for me? I'll provide food!! ;-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


MY JEM IS HERE!!!!  Like I am going to finish cleaning and arranging now!! hahahahahahaha

Dust bunnies and dishes

     As I rearrange the dining and living rooms, I can almost feel the dust bunnies scurry and the daddy long-legs cringe at the thought or rebuilding their webs. I can't take enough allergy pills; it seems I am very allergic to dust bunny dander. :-)  I find I am also allergic to unloading the buffet and the bookcase so they can be moved. LOL
     Will I find a delicate, dust covered lizard skeleton like last year? Eww, ick and neato! Will the hubster take one look at the new layout and shake his head? Will I break a big toe on the way to the kitchen to get a midnight drink of water because I forgot I moved furniture? Will the old metal office desk I recently acquired look awful and will I have to break down and paint it? Where the heck will I put my sewing machine?
     Anyone else hate sewing in a dark, dank, oh-so-secluded corner of the house? It is soooooo unmotivating, let me tell ya!

Back to chores.......but wait, what is that I hear?????UPS???? gotta go!!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My next distraction besides All Hallow's Eve............

The Dicken's Faire
Did some costume work for it last year and will earn myself a few tickets again this year. I also hope to be an actual participant. I've got the under garments, just need to make a dress!
Would LOVE to be in the Dark Garden Corset window doing an odd pose in a killer corset for an hour.
Dark Garden corsets
time to fix supper..............................

Monday, September 6, 2010

Calorie Free Fortune Cookies!

Spent an hour (maybe less) making these10 little beauties. I tried the glue method first but the all sew method worked better for me. And yes, you can use plain ol' felt instead of fusing fabric to fusible batting; this method gave me more colorful 'cookies'.  Type in" fabric fortune cookies" and see what happens.
Here's a quick photo tutorial from me:
Fuse as per package directions
Mark and sew inner third of seam about 1/4" from the edge
Fold cookies in half across the stitching
stitch 1/8" around two thirds of cookie

New header alert!!

Took a little time to play with the html codes and my header. Not too bad for my first try. I would like to get it to take up the entire center area, but I need to add more photos and re-size the header width again. It wasn't as hard as I thought. There are some great tutorials out there if you look hard enough. Wish I could remember where I saw this one. LOL VERY helpful.
Maybe I will take a class on this stuff after I see how I like my "low impact karate" class. That would be Tai Chi in regular people speak.....hahaahahhhhha

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pattern sale at Joann's

I didn't need  any of what I bought, but I love, love, LOVE aprons and apron patterns and when you combine my unnatural love of aprons and a pattern sale.....yikes!!!! My Joann's was out of the Vogue pattern (sniff, sniff) but I will check the other nearby store tomorrow. Authentic pattern circa 1952!! woo and hoo

Vintage Vogue apron
V86473   coveting this one, the store was out..
Got these four! Loving the two upper patterns!

What to do, what to do?

Hubby is off for a week to visit his mom and take her to her yearly appointments in Nashville. Today, I am totally unmotivated to do anything. Totally! Even blogging feels like too much work.  It's on 10:23am and I feel like I need a nap. Lack of sleep will do that to ya! LOL!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I did it and it's Ratty's fault!

I bought a travel sewing machine. It's a Janome AQS 2009. ( jem platinum 720 with different lettering lol)
She had the cutest, quietest little Jem Gold 660 and I've been coveting it since July. I went one step up because of the type of sewing I do and becasue the machine is now retired and well under $300.00 bucks on sale.
I can hardly wait to get it and pppplllllaaaayyyyyyyy. It only comes with three feet so now I have to save up for a quilting package for it. Anybody want to buy a featherweight?? I guess I don't need I?